Taking your pets on a plane

Fri 23 Oct 2009

Very good question! There is a lot to consider before making this decision, since there are risks associated with pets being locked up in a small cage for long periods of time.

Firstly, no airline will allow pets under the age of 8 weeks to travel, as the risk of severe dehydration is too high. For pets older than 8 weeks, ensure they have plenty to drink prior to being checked in. Air carriers usually say that they do not bear the responsibility for pets who become sick and/or dehydrated during the flight.

Most air carriers require that pets be checked in two hours before flight departure. Carriers such as QANTAS and Virgin Blue allow your pet to travel as part of your luggage allowance, unless however, you have been over-feeding your pooch, consequently allowing their weight to register at a hefty 30kg or more. Pets of this weight can incur fees of minimum $100.

In regards to overseas travel, some counties require that your pet remain in quarantine for a minimum of 4 weeks prior to travel, so it is important to ring around and do your research.

If you know that your pooch suffers from anxiety or has a fear of loud noises and enclosed places, it may be an idea to sedate him/her prior to check in, this will help to ease the stress for both you and them. Please seek veterinary advice before sedating any animal.

For an easier and more comfortable option, contact a pet travel consultant such as Jetpets. Pet travel consultants help to organise to get your pet from A to B in the quickest and most comfortable way possible.

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