Golden Rules for Pet Holidays - Part One

Wed 16 Sep 2009

How to go about booking your accommodation

Before you take your much loved pooch away for a holiday, there are a few key golden rules that you need to know. It is important that you ring your preferred accommodation destination ahead of time, to make sure that they do provide pet friendly accommodation. Even though some places may advertise that they do allow pets, there may be particular times of the year or certain circumstances, where they will not allow pets.

It is important that you be sure to reserve your accommodation well in advance and have a list of questions ready to ask, such as where your best friend will be allowed to sleep at night. Being prepared and informed will allow the most friendly and stress-free holiday for you and your pet.


Before taking pooch away from home, make sure he/she are up-to-date with all their vaccinations. If it is likely that your dog will be mixing with various other breeds, be sure to treat your dog with a c5 vaccination. C5 vaccinates against 'Bordatella bronchiseptica' which is a bacteria leading to severe kennel cough which can be prolonged for long periods of time. Pooches of any age can be affected.


We all know our dogs love to go exploring, especially when in new locations. Due to this reason, making sure your friend is micro-chipped will allow others to return him/her back to you if they decide to explore a little too far away. If your friend is micro-chipped, ensure it is up-to-date. Who wants to suffer the anxiety and sadness experienced when losing a pet anyway?

What to bring for your dog

Yes, that is right! Pooches need to take luggage on holiday too! So what do they need to take for a pet friendly holiday?

The most obvious necessity for every dog’s suitcase is, of course, dog food! Even if you plan on buying your dog fresh food every day, dry or canned food must be taken in case of any emergencies, or if your pooch is desperate for a bit of a feed. Remember to take food and water bowls and some fresh water so that your friend can keep hydrated en-route.

Take the dog lead as some places require your friend to be kept on leash at all times. Take some clean and flea free bedding so that your dog can feel at home during nap times. Make sure you pack your pet's favourite toy, it will make your holiday so much more enjoyable for them.

That's all for now - we'll be providing more tips very soon!

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